Will Parsons

6230 Jason st Houston TX 77074



3 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Ray Williams Says:

    WILL!! I’m glad your living the dream man. So proud of you dude!! Keep pushing it, take Orido and TK someday lol!!. I still see Fong, and Tu every now and then. I have 2 supras and a tundra now. 7mgte and a track ready 1jz-gte with stock twins, safc, and stripped weight running 12.5’s in the 1/4 mile ha ha.! Drop a email anytime! Take care!!

    • Nathan Says:

      Hey Will. Um, I love drifting and i LOVE AE-86’s. And your pretty good even though you may not win all the time, your still really good. I really want to meet you and that isnt a problem because..i live….3 streets down from you. So yea, i see your green ae86 just about everyday and im not trying to stalk you im just in love with the car and love the fact that it drifts. if you can somehow reply back i would reeeallly love it. Im your FAN!!!

  2. Christopher Berry Says:

    Visiting the sight.. I told myself I’d check it out.. Now you can’t say i never did. Lol you’re fxckin awesome man. Stay cool!


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